Limited time offer Discount

To edit your business (description, discounts, links, addresses and etc.) please go to the App Dashboard. Then press the “Edit”.
The editing page consists of the following: a block with general information, a block with administrative actions, a block of addresses, a block with a list of all discounts offered, and a block with external links.
To enter a new discount for a given address it is necessary to click on the “+Add Discount” button.
Discounts can be simple, limited-time offers, or cumulative. Also you can edit or delete any of the already existing discounts by clicking the edit or delete button next to the discount.
You can add a timeframe of the validity of the discount. You can choose from three parameters which will determine the dates and times during which your offer will be valid. “Set dates” - sets the month, date, and year when your discount validity begins and ends. “Set time” - sets the time of day (in hours) during which your discount will be accepted. “Set week” - Chooses which days of the week your discount will be active.