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No time? - NO PROBLEM
The Gulsy Prosperity Reward Plan lets you use your Smart Phone to achieve your financial dreams. Gulsy Distributors don’t "go out to do business". They "do business when they are out" in their everyday life with old friends while making new ones by telling the Gulsy money saving story. Everyone with a Smart Phone is a potential new Member who can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on their everyday purchases. Their only commitment: a one-time $20 lifetime membership. Your Benefit? You earn Commissions and Lifetime residual bonuses every time they shop at a Gulsy Authorized Business. No product for you to buy and stock, no customer service, no bookkeeping, NO KIDDING!
Team Sales
Duplicate yourself and create wealth through leverage with a compensation plan that works for you! How? Enroll other Distributors who enroll Gulsy Members and GET PAID on their Memberships and business visits. • Team Member sales paid through 5 levels • Team Member bonuses for business visits paid through 5 levels (Up to 25% Shared Revenue). View Compensation Plan. • Earn shares in National Bonus Pools • Rewards people who help others succeed With Gulsy you have powerful rewards that drive your success every step of the way.
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Complete the Independent Distributor Application below and submit your one-time $100 registration fee to receive your personalized Gulsy business building app and password to the Gulsy Distributor Website. (Full details and training on the Gulsy Distributor Website). Familiarize yourself with the growing global list of Gulsy Authorized Business offerings and use them to save money every day.
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Gulsy: An Unlimited Business Opportunity An Ideal Lifestyle.